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Trailer Manufacturer - Brisbane Queensland

Austrailers Queensland is a premium manufacturer of custom Australian trailers located in North Brisbane. Local to both the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane CBD, Austrailers provide quality trailer manufacturing services including customised trailers and trailer parts to all of Brisbane North and the surrounding area. With our online trailer parts store and delivery services, Austrailers Queensland proudly provides our trailer manufacturing services, trailer parts and trailer sales Brisbane wide.


We sell a range of different trailers including:


Box trailers - Box trailers are common, versatile trailers that can be used for transporting general goods and furniture. Usually opening at one or both ends for ease of loading, they can be towed by an average car or truck. Austrailers manufacture quality box trailers in a variety of sizes and styles and we also build custom box trailers to suit your needs


Cage trailers- As with each trailer we manufacture, our cage trailers are made from quality steel to ensure their durability and lifetime. Cage trailers are suitable for most general purpose moving jobs. Their trademark high, caged, sides make it easy to secure your load and maximise the size of the load you can tow.


Camper trailers- Camper trailers generally include everything you need for camping including an in built tent. This means you can travel further and set up later in the day than if you were just using a regular tent. Austrailers manufacture a range of camping trailers including on road and off road camper trailers depending on your requirements. We also offer the option of customizations to any camping trailer we build.  


Car trailers - A car trailer is a standard trailer that is both general purpose and economical.  We manufacture all of our car trailer on site so you can be assured that you are getting a strong and durable trailer Australian made from quality steel.


Enclosed trailers - Capable of transporting smaller vehicles including quad bikes and motorbikes, enclosed trailers can be modified to transport almost any kind of cargo you may have. Austrailers Queensland can build custom made enclosed trailers to order on request.


Lawn mowing trailers - Lawn mowing trailers can be in the form of fully enclosed or partly open trailers. When building a lawn mowing trailer we work with you to ensure it is built to your requirements including spaces for any equipment you may use and tie down points with full locking capabilities.


Tandem trailers - A tandem trailer has two sets of axles as the name implies, we offer tandem trailers in most types of trailers we build. The extra wheel on a tandem trailer allows the trailer to be more stable with a heavier load than a single axle trailer. Tandem trailers are also capable of travelling at higher speeds and on highways with better stability.  


Tipping trailers - Tipping or tipper trailers are used to transport sand, gravel, soil and other bulk materials. As the name implies, tipping trailers have the capability to tip up and unload the contents of the trailer onto the ground or another surface for ease of transportation.


Tradesman trailers - Tradesman trailers are arguably the most customisable trailer. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes they can be customised to suit all of your trade needs including tool storage and transportation of large goods and building materials. With an option for multiple doors and compartments, they are one of the most versatile of all of the trailers we have available.


We also sell trailer parts and if you can’t see the trailer you want, we can custom make trailers to your specifications.


Austrailers Queensland is a premium provider and manufacturer of spare parts and trailers for all of the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Queensland. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader in trailer manufacturing and trailer sales Brisbane wide. Call us on 07 3284 8911 for advice on which trailer best suits you, or if you already know what you want, call us to discuss how we can make your dream trailer a reality.

Trailer Parts Brisbane - Austrailers Queensland

Austrailers Queensland is a Brisbane based trailer manufacturing company, providing great prices for trailers and trailer parts to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba, and North Queensland, directly from the manufacturer! We stock an extensive range of trailer parts for sale, both new and used, ranging from axles and couplings to hubs and wheels.

Purchasing trailer parts Brisbane wide has never been so easy, with our online trailer parts store. You can buy all the trailer parts you could need directly from the manufacturer and have them delivered to your doorstep! Let us do the footwork for you. Our online catalog allows you to look through our wide range of spare parts and accessories and order online - we will have your order picked and ready for an in store pickup direct from our Clontarf showroom.

Whether you just need a replacement hinge or some reflectors, to brakes and suspension, or even steel to build your own trailer, we’ve got you covered. And if you can’t find the parts you need in our catalog, just fill out our contact form or give us a call and one of our friendly team members will help you find what you need!

Austrailers Queensland stocks a range of trailer parts including:

Straight Beam Axles

Bearings & Accessories
Polycarbonate Bearing Protectors
Ford Trailer Bearing Kits
Holden Trailer Bearing Kits
Ford Waterproof Bearing Kits
Waterproof Bearing Kit
Wheel Bearing Protectors

Brakes, Accessories, and Spares
Disc Brakes
Drum Brakes
Electric Brakes
Hydraulic Brakes
Mechanical Brakes
Cables & Harness

Mechanical override couplings
Quick release couplings
Electric couplings

Tailgate Hinges

Disk Hubs
Electric Hubs
Drum Hubs
Lazy Hubs

Jockey Wheel Accessories
Spare wheels


Amber Reflex Reflector
Clear Reflex Reflector

Suspension Springs
Shackle Leaf Springs
Slipper Leaf Springs

Tailgate Accessories
Shackles and Chain

White Sunraysia Wheel & Light truck tyre
Black Sunraysia Wheel & Light truck tyre

It is so important to know where your trailers and trailer parts come from and how long they will last. Austrailers Queensland proudly produce quality, Australian made trailers locally in Brisbane. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and customer satisfaction.

Our showroom and manufacturing facility is located 17 Huntington Street, Clontarf, handy to all of Brisbane and its surrounding areas supplying trailer parts to the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and Ipswich. We also supply quality trailers and trailer parts to Toowoomba and North Queensland. Not close enough? No worries, order through our online store or contact us today on 07 3284 8911 to have your order delivered to wherever you need it.

Looking for trailer parts in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast? Call Austrailers Queensland today on 07 3284 8911 or visit our online store! We have a price guarantee policy to ensure you are getting your trailer parts for the best possible price. If you find a like for like product sold elsewhere for a cheaper price, we'll match it, or even beat it!

Trailer Manufacturers Brisbane & QLD


Austrailers Manufacturing (QLD) is located in Clontarf, less than 40 minutes drive North from the Brisbane CBD - see our location map for directions.

Austrailers began as a small trailer manufacturing business and rapidly built up a reputation amongst home owners and tradesmen alike through the production of high quality box trailers with many practical uses.

The range of products quickly expanded to include tandem trailers, tipping trailers, car trailers, enclosed trailers, custom built solutions, practical accessories and trailer spare parts.

Austrailers are a licensed manufacturer and retailer, complying with the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 and Australian Design Rules.

Trailer manufacturers brisbane

All types of standard box and custom-designed trailers are available - whether it be a trailer for general domestic use, for the tradesman's tools, motor vehicles, machinery or livestock, Austrailers can design and manufacture a trailer to suit your needs.

Austrailers provides retail sales directly to the public from Clontarf in Queensland as well as catering for the wholesale market.

As one of the leaders in the trailer industry, quality and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Factory warranty is provided on all new trailers.

Contact Austrailers today and see how much you'll save!

Why Own An Austrailers Trailer?


  • Quality Australian built trailers
  • Keep Aussie’s in a job by buying Australian
  • Best value for your money
  • Full seam welds
  • Factory structure warranty
  • LED lights


PH: 07 3284 8911


Austrailers Manufacturing Queensland trailers are manufactured locally from high grade steel giving you long lasting durable trailers which come in various hammertone finishes or galvanised.



We have a large selection of trailers in Brisbane including car trailers, box trailers, tandem box trailers, enclosed trailers, caged trailers, tradesman trailers, tipping trailers, camping trailers and custom trailers to suit your needs.



Austrailers Queensland is a Brisbane based family run company. By dealing directly with the manufacturer you can always be asured the best possible prices on our full range of trailers. Based in Clontarf - 40 mins north of Brisbane. 



“We have added a new product to our range. We now offer a service to supply &
fit all types & models of towbars. Ring Austrailers today for a competitive Quote”

Why Own An Austrailers Trailer?

  • Quality Australian built trailers
  • Keep Aussie's in a job by buying Australian
  • Best value for money
  • Full seam welds
  • Factory structure warranty
  • LED Lights

Quality Trailers for Trades, Commercial and Domestic Use

Austrailers QLD - Custom Trailers For Sale

In order to do the best job you have to have the right tools. Reliable, tough and long-lasting equipment is a tradesman’s investment that sends a message that you are a professional who can get the job done. As a professional, you want your dealers to be just as committed and experienced as you - that is why Austrailers Queensland is the answer for purchasing your tradesman trailers Brisbane.

Trailers For Sale Brisbane

Trailer Parts Brisbane

As a premium manufacturer of Australian made trailers, Austrailers Queensland also supply, source and sell a wide range of trailer parts Brisbane including axles, bearings and accessories LED lights, brakes, couplings, hinges, hubs, latches, reflectors, lighting, shackles and chains, suspension springs, tailgate accessories, wheels and a variety of other products. With our pricing guarantee, if you find a like for like part advertised for cheaper elsewhere, we’ll match or beat it! Visit our online store to buy trailer parts online.

If you can’t see the part you want, give us a call on 07 3284 8911 to discuss what you’re looking for with one of our friendly team members today!

Trailer Repairs Brisbane

As a premium trailer manufacturer, Austrailers Queensland are experts when it comes to quality trailer manufacturing and repairs. We are locally based with a manufacturing warehouse in Clontarf, Brisbane. We service the entire Brisbane area including north Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, South Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the greater Brisbane region.

Austrailers Queensland manufacture high-quality, Australian made trailers with full seam welds. We can also build trailers customised for specific requirements. We have years of experience with everything from trailer manufacturing to trailer parts and spares sales. Austrailers only use the best materials to ensure the quality of every trailer we build.

We maintain the same high standard of work when it comes to trailer repairs. Austrailers Queensland provides repair services on many types of trailers including box trailers, cage trailers, camper trailers, car trailers, enclosed trailers, lawn mowing trailers, tandem trailers, tipping trailers and tradesman trailers.

Our trailer experts have years of experience in repairing and restoring trailers. For high-quality trailer repairs Brisbane wide at great prices, call Austrailers Queensland on 07 3284 8911 today.

Austrailers near Brisbane Queensland

Austrailers are the premier trailer manufacturers Brisbane wide servicing the greater Queensland area. By dealing directly with the manufacturer, you will always receive the best price possible. Austrailers Manufacturing (QLD) is conveniently located in Clontarf, less than 40 minutes drive North from the Brisbane CBD - see our location map for directions.

Austrailers Queensland came from humble beginnings, starting as a small business manufacturing custom box trailers for tradesmen of all disciplines and the average homeowner. The high level of craftsmanship paired with the versatility and practicality of box trailers quickly broadened the Austrailers QLD reputation and the company grew into an authority on custom trailer manufacturing.

Austrailers is a customer service oriented leader in the industry, guaranteeing customer satisfaction on all new trailer parts and providing warranties on all new trailers. Our trailers are truly home grown - Australian made - and we only use quality components to ensure value for money.

Not only are we serious about business, we are also serious about fun! We extend the same quality and guarantees for recreational camping trailers as we do for tradesmen and business. When you’re out in the wilderness and enjoying nature with family and friends, you need a reliable and well-built camping trailer that can take you where you want to go without fuss.

Austrailers is a licensed manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler in compliance with the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 and Australian Design Rules. You can be confident about safety and reliability when purchasing from Austrailers Queensland.

Quality Tradesman Trailers

Tradesman trailers are as varied as the tradesmen who use them. Your custom trailer solution is only limited by your vision since you know your needs better than anyone else. Fully enclosed trailers or those with removable canopies or lids may suit your needs. Open top trailers with tailgates may offer the versatility for hauling materials that you require. We have a large range of tradesman trailers for sale Brisbane wide.

Before you purchase a trailer, you should think about where your entry points will be and what sort of tools and materials you will be storing. Your new trailer will be built or modified to your specifications and needs. Of course, with many different designs available, Austrailers Queensland may have your perfect trailer already waiting for you! Why not drop in to our Clontarf shop and browse. We are less than 40 minutes drive North from the Brisbane CBD.

Trailer Parts Brisbane

Durable Car Trailers

Austrailers is a Queensland manufacturer for all types and sizes of car trailers. All our car trailers for sale are manufactured on site and made with high quality steel for strength and durability. Purchase your car trailer directly from the manufacturer and save.

We have a large selection of car trailers for sale

e in our Brisbane store of various ty

pes and sizes. Listed below are some of the fe

atures we can offer on our car trailers:

  • Straight or beaver tail floor,
  • Flat deck trailer or a trailer with rails
  • Painted steel or durra gal steel chassis
  • Slipper or rocker roller suspension.
  • Mechanical override disk brakes.
  • Electric brakes.
  • Mechanical winch and winch post to help with loading and unloading.
  • Rated lash rings for tie downs.
  • Extended slide out ramps.
  • Filled in mudguards.
  • Nose cones.
  • Tyre racks.
  • For a low car you may also have the tilt option.

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If you may have a special requirement we may also custom built to you specification and requirement.

Whether for work or play, Austrailers Queensland can provide you with custom solutions that match your needs. Quality Australian built trailers are the best value providing factory structure warranties, quality seam welds for durability and LED lighting. Austrailers also supply quality trailer parts and repairs for maintaining or resurrecting your own trailer.

Your new trailer whether it be a box trailercar trailer, enclosed trailer or tradesman trailer should provide you with the reliability, safety and integrity you would expect from an Australian made product and Austrailers Queensland stands behind all their products by offering warranties on all new trailers and a guarantee of customer satisfaction. Austrailers QLD is the #1 choice for trailers and trailer parts Brisbane!

Remember buy Australian, from Austrailers Queensland, and support jobs for Aussies!


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