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Austrailers in Clontarf Queensland

Austrailers is the premier trailer manufacturer in Queensland. By dealing directly with the manufacturer, you will always receive the best price possible. Austrailers Manufacturing (QLD) is conveniently located in Clontarf, less than 40 minutes drive North from the Brisbane CBD - see our location map for directions.

Austrailers Queensland came from humble beginnings, starting as a small business manufacturing custom box trailers for tradesmen of all disciplines and the average homeowner. The high level of craftsmanship paired with the versatility and practicality of box trailers quickly broadened the Austrailers QLD reputation and the company grew into an authority on custom trailer manufacturing.

Austrailers is a customer service oriented leader in the industry, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and providing warranties on all new trailers. Our trailers are truly home grown - Australian made - and we only use quality components to ensure value for money. Austrailers belives in only building the best quality trailers. We use more cross members, not less. We use longer welds, and locally sourced high grade sheet and box steel. We use solid axles. When looking at your next trailer don't just look at price but make sure you look at how well it's built, after all you want your invesment to be reliable, strong, and last!

Not only are we serious about business, we are also serious about fun! We extend the same quality and guarantees for recreational camping trailers as we do for tradesmen and business. When you're out in the wilderness and enjoying nature with family and friends, you need a reliable and well-built camping trailer that can take you where you want to go without fuss.

Austrailers is a licensed manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler in compliance with the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 and Australian Design Rules. You can be confident about safety and reliability when purchasing from Austrailers Queensland.

Box trailers, Caged Box trailers, Tandem Box trailers, Enclosed Box trailers, Car trailers, Tradesman trailers, Tandem Tradesman trailers, Lawn Moving trailers, Car Carriers, Tipping trailers, and much more.

Box trailers are a great starting point due to their versatility and ability to be accessorised. For example, you could upgrade your box trailer to a trailer with racks or enclose it by adding either a soft or hard canopy which you can make removable and therefore giving you more options to what types of loads you want to carry. You can even add a removable cage section to your box trailer giving it a larger cubic area to cart what ever you like.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: You can not load your trailer any more than it's GVM!