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There are many different types of trailers to choose from and if you’re a first time buyer, the choice can be overwhelming. Below is our trailer buying guide – a guide to each type of trailer and their uses. If you need personalised advice on which trailer to buy, call Austrailers Queensland on 07 3040 5192. Austrailers Queensland is the number one trailer manufacturer in Brisbane.

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What Are The Different Types Of Trailers?

There are different trailers to suit every purpose from car trailers to boat trailers. It is important to understand what each trailer type has to offer before choosing which one is right for you.

Car Trailer

Car Trailers come in a range of sizes and styles including car trailers with a beaver tail, drawbar tilt, nose cone, winch, tyre rack, teardrop guards and flat deck. Car trailers can be customised to suit any size or load capacity.

Car trailers are designed for the transportation of vehicles. These trailers are a great way to move small vehicles independent of a tow truck.

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Box Trailer

Box trailers are one of the most common trailer types found on Australian roads. A standard box trailer is the image that comes to mind for most people when we think of trailers. It is a general-purpose vehicle that is used for transporting items from one place to another.

Box trailers have low walls that enclose the load and are usually fitted with openings at each end. This is useful for transporting items with a length greater than the box trailer and also for ease of unloading.

Cage Trailer

Cage trailers are very similar to box trailers in that they are designed like a traditional trailer and have many uses. The difference between a box trailer and a cage trailer is ofcourse, the cage. Cage trailers come with high caged sides designed to maximise the size and shape of the load you can tow.

The load can be more easily tied down by attaching ties to the cage walls and it is generally more secure as your load will be surrounded by four sturdy walls. The cage also provides extra protection to the load. Cages can be added to trailers after they have been purchased or during the manufacturing process. The height of the cage walls can be customised to suit your specific requirements.

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Camper Trailer

Camper trailers are trailers that are designed to make camping and setting up your tent more comfortable and a whole lot easier. Camper trailers usually come with a tent already in place for minimal setup time. This means that you can arrive later to your campsite or leave later without the stress of losing daylight before the tent is setup or taken down.

Some camper trailers also allow for you to sleep on the trailer bed rather than the ground making camping a whole lot more comfortable. Plus, with the trailer and tent attached to your car you will be able to travel further.

Camper trailers come in both off road and on road models so it is important to think about how you will be using it before you purchase one. They are also highly customisable and can be designed to store everything you want to take with you when you go camping.

Camper trailers mean that you won’t be travelling in a packed car full of your camping gear. Plus you won’t have to pack or unpack in a hurry. Simply detach the trailer and unpack at your leisure while still having full use of your car.

Enclosed Trailer

Enclosed trailers can be built with either a single or dual axle and is either fully or partially enclosed. A fully enclosed trailer has four walls and a roof. Some enclosed trailers also have the option of adding removable lids or canopies.

The walls and roof of an enclosed trailer provides protection from both the elements and theft. These highly customisable, multi-purpose trailers can be used for both domestic and trade purposes. When purchasing an enclosed trailer, consider the style and entry points you want. Enclosed trailers can be fitted with lift up doors, drop ramps or side swing doors for your requirements.

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Lawn Mowing Trailer

Lawn mowing trailers can be either fully enclosed or partially enclosed. These trailers can be built with either single or tandem axles depending on the load requirements. Lawn mowing trailers are designed to store and transport lawn mowers as well as tools and other equipment.

If you are having a lawn mowing trailer built you should consider all of the equipment you plan to store in it first. Some premium trailer manufacturers including Austrailers Queensland can design a trailer specifically for the equipment you need to carry.

Tandem Trailer

A tandem trailer is a trailer with dual axles positioned one behind the other. Most trailer types are built in both single-axle and tandem-axle models. Tandem axle trailers can travel in a straight line more easily than their single axle counterparts.

Tandem trailers also absorb more shock making the load more secure and less likely to move. The tandem axle also makes the trailer more sturdy than standard trailers. Tandem trailers can carry heavier loads making them ideal for use on tradesman trailers and car trailers. It is important to note that tandem trailers have a smaller turning radius than single axle trailers making them harder to maneuver.

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Tipping Trailer

Tipping trailers are designed to reduce operating times. Tipping trailers are named after the tray of the trailer that is designed to lift at one end and tip its contents out.

This type of trailer is useful for transporting materials that can be dumped including garden clippings, soil, gravel and other landscaping and construction supplies. Tipping trailers are a cost effective way of dumping smaller loads without having to hire a full sized dump truck.

Tradesman Trailer

Tradesman trailers or builders trailers are highly customisable. They can be built as fully enclosed trailers or with removable canopies and lids.

It is important to consider the types of tools you will need to store in your trailer and how you will access them. Much like enclosed trailers, you will need to consider which style and entry types you want and where you need them to be positioned.

Some trades require more heavy equipment. You should consider the maximum weight capacity of any tools you may need to store in your tradesman trailer to ensure that it is made to suit your requirements.

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Custom Trailer

Austrailers Queensland can manufacture all of these trailer types locally in Brisbane at competitive prices. And if none of these trailers suit your purpose, Austrailers can build you a custom trailer designed to your specifications.

If you’re looking to buy a trailer but can’t seem to find one that can do everything you need it to, we’ve got you covered. Call 07 3040 5192 to discuss how we can build the perfect trailer for you.