Trailer Inspection Checklist

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If you own a trailer in Queensland, chances are that your trailer will require a safety certificate at some point. Whether you are selling your trailer or registering it after years without use, there are a few things you will need to check to pass the safety inspection.

How To Get A Safety Certificate

Trailers must pass a safety inspection at an authorised inspection station to obtain a safety certificate.
trailer inspection checklist

When Is A Safety Certificate Required?

A safety certificate is required when a trailer is put up for sale or when registering an unregistered trailer. A safety certificate is also required if the registration of a trailer is being transferred between owners, states or territories.
trailer inspection checklist

Trailer Inspection Checklist

It is always a good idea to do a quick inspection of your trailer

before taking it to an authorised inspection trailer. This way you

won’t waste any time or money if your trailer is not fit to pass the

safety inspection.

The following is a list of items that will be checked during a

safety certificate inspection.


Tyre condition is important for the safety of any vehicle. Heavily worn tyres can lose traction and cause accidents. To ensure that the tyres on your trailer will pass the safety inspection, check that:
  • Tyres are compatible with the rim to which they are fitted
  • All tyres on a single axle or axle group are of the same size
  • Tyre load ratings meet or exceed the minimum requirements specified by the trailer manufacturer
  • Tyre tread is not worn down past tread wear indicators around the whole circumference of the tyre
  • Valve stems on the tyre are not cracked damaged or loose
  • The sidewalls of any tyres in a dual tyre configuration do not touch
trailer inspection checklist
trailer inspection checklist


To ensure that the wheels of your trailer will pass the safety inspection, check that:
  • Wheels on a single axle or axle group are the same size unless otherwise specified by the original trailer manufacturer
  • No stud or bolt holes have expanded or become elongated
  • No missing or broken wheel mounting nut, studs or bolts
  • Wheels are not cracked, corroded bent or buckled or otherwise damaged
  • Spoke wheel does not have any loose corroded, bent broken or otherwise damaged spokes
  • Spacer plates are fitted between the hub and wheel unless fitted by the original trailer manufacturer


Maintaining the condition of the brakes on any trailer is essential when it comes to the safe on-road use of trailers. The brakes on a registered trailer in Queensland must conform to the Queensland trailer regulations. To ensure that the brakes of your trailer will pass a safety inspection, check that:
  • All brake components are securely mounted and not leaking
  • No brake cables are broken, frayed or otherwise damaged
  • Brake cables are secured to the trailer
  • No brake component is ceased, inoperative or worn beyond the manufacturer’s limits
  • All wiring for brakes is connected, secured and undamaged
  • If the gross trailer mass is between 0.75 and 2 tonnes, the trailer is equipped with an override or electric braking system that operates on a minimum of half the number of axles
  • If the gross trailer mass of the trailer exceeds 2 tonnes, the trailer is fitted with an effective breakaway system
  • Brake controls in the towing vehicle cause the corresponding brakes of the trailer to operate simultaneously
trailer inspection checklist
trailer inspection checklist


Before any inspection, check that all lights are in working order. Hook the trailer up to the towing vehicle in order to inspect the working condition of your trailer lights including brake lights, indicators and reverse lights. Check that:
  • No light has been tinted or masked with an opaque cover
  • All lighting components are clearly visible and are not affected by dirt or discolouration
  • All lights are free from crack, holes or similar damage that would allow moisture or dirt to affect the working condition of the light
  • With the exception of reverse lights, all lights facing towards the rear of the vehicle do not display white light
  • There are no flashing lights fitted to the trailer with the exception of indicators and hazard lights


  • Doors are securely fitted and mounted and operating correctly
  • Doors are not cracked, broken, distorted, corroded or weakened to the point where failure is likely to occur
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trailer inspection checklist


  • Frame components are not cracked, sagged, broken, distorted, missing or corroded
  • Fastenings and welds between frame components are secured and are not cracked or distorted
  • Body is securely mounted to frame
  • Any repairs retain the original strength of the component
  • No sharp edges or protrusions that would increase the risk of injury to anyone who comes into contact with the vehicle
  • Anchorage points are undamaged and if repairs have been made, maintain original strength


  • Mudguards are secure
  • Mudguards are able to deflect mud, water, stones and any other substance thrown upward by wheels
  • Mudguards are fitted to provide protection over full width of tyres and wheels
trailer inspection checklist
trailer inspection checklist

Number plates

  • Number plates covers are not tinted or reflective. Number plates are not concave or convex and do not affect visual photographic recognition of the registration
  • Number plate is not deteriorated, faded or damaged to be illegible from a distance of 20m
  • Number plate is not modified or trimmed in any way
  • Number plate is not mounted more than 130 cm from the ground
  • Number plate is mounted parallel to the axles of the vehicle when the vehicle is on level ground
  • Registration number is issued or approved by a state or territory road transport authority


  • All coupling devices and connectors are fully operational and secured. They are not cracked, corroded, excessively worn, leaking, deformed or damaged in a way likely to cause failure
  • Tow couplings are securely mounted to the drawbar
  • Drawbar is securely fixed to trailer frame/chassis
  • Sliding drawbar stops and latching mechanisms are fully operational
  • Name or trademark of manufacturer is clearly displayed on coupling including maximum operating capacity
trailer inspection checklist

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For more information on what is required to pass a trailer safety inspection visit Save time by conducting your own inspection before taking your vehicle to an authorised inspection station.

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