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Austrailers Queensland is the number on trailer manufacturer Brisbane & Queensland wide. When you purchase a trailer from us we can have your trailer registered on site within 10 minutes, ready for you to drive away.

If you already have a trailer, the steps listed below outline exactly what you will need to do to register a trailer in Queensland.

how to register a trailer in qld

Before Registering Your Trailer


Before registering your trailer it’s important to check whether your trailer needs compulsory third party insurance (CTP). In most cases, the trailer is covered for CTP by the insurance of the towing vehicle, however, you will need to check with your CTP insurance provider to confirm this.


 Your trailer will also need a pre-registration inspection before it can be registered. The type of inspection your trailer needs will depend on its design and whether or not is has previously been registered in Australia.

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Single Axle Trailers (ATM of 750kg or less)

For single axle trailers with an ATM of 750kg or less, a self assessment compliance inspection is acceptable. This can be carried out by the trailer manufacturer, motor dealer, or operator.

Single Axle Heavy DutyDual Axle Trailers (or with an ATM of more than 750kg)

A compliance inspection is required for trailers with more than one axle or an ATM greater than 750kg. This inspection may be carried out at some transport and motoring customer service centres.  This inspection may also be conducted by an accredited person under the Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment Scheme (HVRAS).

Imported Trailers

A Department of Transport and Main Roads identity check inspection is required for the first registration of any imported trailer. This inspection can only be carried out at some transport and motoring customer service centres unless you live in a rural area.

Registering A Trailer In Queensland

What You Will Need:

  • A valid for of ID (eg. a current drivers license)
  • Proof of the trailer’s garaging address (eg. current QLD drivers license or gas/electricity/phone bills issued within the last 6 months)
    Note: The garaging address must be a Queensland address
  • The original copy of a current QLD safety certificate or certificate of inspection (for trailers with an ATM of more than 750kg unless the trailer is brand new)
    Note: Bring the original blue copy (for safety certificates) or pink copy (for a certificate of inspection)
  • Registration Payment

You May Also Need:

  • A modifacation plate and certificate (if the trailer has been modified)
  • The relevant pre-registration inspection sheet
  • An unregistered vehicle permit (if the trailer needs to be moved for work to be done before registration)

Towing A Trailer To Be Registered


  •  To continue using your trailer in Queensland you will have 14 days to register it if it is currently registered in another state. After this time, fines may apply.


  •  If your trailer is unregistered it will need to be towed to become registered. It is legal to tow an unregistered trailer only to get a safety certificate/certificate of inspection, and then to be registered.To You are also legally allowed to tow your trailer back to the garaging address if it is not possible to register it at that time due to running out of time or other requirements needed to complete the registration.When towing an unregistered trailer the number plate will need to be removed. If the number plate is still visible, fines may apply.

Note: Unregistered trailers can only be towed to apply for registration. You must have a completed vehicle registration application and a valid CTP insurance certificate with you. You must drive directly from the garaging address to the closest transport and motoring customer service centre (stopping only to get a safety certificate or certificate of inspection). 

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Box Trailers

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Enclosed Trailer

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Box Trailers

Stress-Free Registration In Just 10 Minutes

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