16ft Tandem Trailers (Float Type)

Based in Brisbane, Austrailers Queensland is the number one trailer manufacturer BrisbaneSunshine Coast and Gold coast wide. We manufacture a range of high quality trailers including both single and tandem axle trailers. Each Austrailers Queensland trailer is made with high quality materials and processes including LED lights and full seam welds for durability. Plus, each new trailer we manufacture comes with a factory structural warranty so you can rest assured that our trailers are quality-made.
Additionally, we have tandem axle trailers available for increased stability and durability. In fact, our tandem trailers are available in every category of trailer we build including box trailerscar trailerstipping trailerslawn mowing trailersenclosed trailerscage trailers and tradesman trailers.
The tandem axle arrangement allows trailers to carry a larger ATM (aggregate trailer mass), with load capacities of up to 3000 kgs.Tandem trailers are also able to absorb more shock than single axle trailers creating more stability for the load. Additionally, tandem trailers are able to travel in a straight line more easily than single axle trailers due to the added stability the second axle gives.
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Austrailers Queensland builds customisable 16 ft tandem axle trailers with a range of high quality features including:
tandem car trailers sunshine coast

  • Full box chassis
  • Rails and cross members
  • Drawbars extended to spring hangers
  • all panels are zinc anneal coated
  • Full tie rails
  • LED lights

Our 16 ft tandem axle trailers are built standard with a range of high quality features including a full box chassis rails and cross members, drawbars extended to the spring hangers with an extra beam for bracing, and full tierails. Plus, each of our 16 ft tandem trailers come with LED light, full seam welds and all panels are zinc anneal coated.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of optional extras and upgrades to ensure that your tandem trailer is built to suit your specific requirements. The optional extras for our float type tandem trailers include 2 channels with an open centre rather than a full floor, longer ramps, and a beaver tail. We also offer optional upgrades to rocker roller suspension, electric brakes or a mechanical winch and winch post.

Our tandem float type trailers can also be equipped with nose cones, stone guards and tyre racks to suit your needs. We offer a tilt option for low cars as well as an optional spare wheel and jockey wheel. No matter what your requirements are, we’ve got the trailer for you.


Call Austrailers Queensland today to find out how we can design and build the perfect trailer for your needs at manufacturer direct prices. Our tandem trailers are also available in a range of sizes including:
  • 12 ft (approx 3600mm)
  • 13 ft (approx 3900mm)
  • 14 ft (approx 4200mm)
  • 15ft (approx 4500mm)
  • 16ft (approx 4800mm)

The width of the trailer can vary, however, the maximum deck width is preferred (6’ x 6”). Can’t see the size you’re after? Give us a call. We also offer custom sizing in all of our trailer types to ensure you get the best possible value for your money. Whether you need a basic 6×4 single axle box trailer or a 16ft tandem axle car trailer, Austrailers Queensland has got you covered. Call us today on 07 3284 8911 to find out how we can make your dream trailer a reality.


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